Select pair of images from a developing project series.

- DM 5.1.14

Spring & Wendy, March ’14.

Warmer weather this week.

- DM 4.29.14

Wendy Ch, Oakland Hills House.

Springbreak week was solid for catching up with friends, and going for long runs.

Waiting for film back from shooting with Wendy.

- DM 3.29.14


Wendy Ch, Fall ’13.

Meet up next week for Spring break.

Vibes last fall.

- DM 3.19.14

Downtown Candid

San Francisco afternoon.

- DM 3.11.14

Selection details.

Birthday weekend was stellar.

Shot a few candids last night.

- DM 3.9.14

Turquoise marble bldg

Spaces 14, 2014.

- DM 3.8.14


Secondaries 14.

Spring semester.

-DM 2.19.14


Digital Contact Sheet.

I am working on a project about space and spaces.

Growing up, learning, and living in San Francisco profoundly influences and affects me and what my work is about.

From the physical geographic location, to it’s physical and visual features, and the people. and environmental systems and functions.

Space to me right now is about common grounds, and universal communications.

- DM 2.11.14

Hydrgraphic Tundra Series (5-6), 2014.

The Hydrographic Tundra series calls on the senses in wonder of where they can lead us if we allow. Being in an elemental location as the ocean our senses interact and liven. The outcome of the images is a continued process of observation, as the waves push and pull reacting to the winds they’re patterns change through the day and throughout the seasons. A hybrid of land and liquid, the hydrographic tundra turn towards fantastical landscapes of color and form. Imagining a land of mystery is created by way of the natural real. The terrain fuses chaos and grace.