‘Seasonal Paths’ at Fog Lifter

I am showing 10 images shot on 35mm & 120mm film at Fog Lifter Cafe (1901 Ocean Ave).

Sunday,  November 30th at 6-8pm.

There will be live music from local musicians.

Hope to see you there.

- DM 11.29.14


PH No.1 – Blitz / Excerpt

This trip to Lake Tahoe, CA was one of my first trips with just friends before I was 21. In this coming of age period of my youth I experienced a different landscape than what I was use to living in San Francisco. It was a participation of enduring elements of the winter season. I have been to some of these same places before in my childhood with my parents, but this time the rules changed. I was out there being how I wanted. Snowboarding and coming down the mountains I felt gusts of liberation and the crisp air fill me with breaths of freedom. Out there I only thought about myself in the present and experienced each moment one at a time. I observed my friends experience similar feelings, laughing, playing, being in each others company. We don’t have enough of that day to day. There was no previously determined agenda that I did not participate in deciding. This place was much more quiet, allowing myself to listen and observe with more of my senses.

Many of these images were included in my first zine publication, Pinched Hemisphere  Issue No.1 – Blitz, I produced last October. PH 1 included other elements and moments and coming of age from other tips I made and long periods of time in my hometown. All photos were shot on 35mm color film. PH 1 is available here.

- DM 10.15.14

At the e n d.

For Funston, Summer 2014.

- DM 8.6.14

With Erin at Funston – Double Exposure

A perfect summer evening at the beach.

More double exposures on tumblr.

- DM 8.1.14


Select pair of images from a developing project series.

- DM 5.1.14

Spring & Wendy, March ’14.

Warmer weather this week.

- DM 4.29.14

Wendy Ch, Oakland Hills House.

Springbreak week was solid for catching up with friends, and going for long runs.

Waiting for film back from shooting with Wendy.

- DM 3.29.14


Wendy Ch, Fall ’13.

Meet up next week for Spring break.

Vibes last fall.

- DM 3.19.14

Downtown Candid

San Francisco afternoon.

- DM 3.11.14