At the e n d.

For Funston, Summer 2014.

- DM 8.6.14

With Erin at Funston – Double Exposure

A perfect summer evening at the beach.

More double exposures onĀ tumblr.

- DM 8.1.14


Select pair of images from a developing project series.

- DM 5.1.14

Spring & Wendy, March ’14.

Warmer weather this week.

- DM 4.29.14

Wendy Ch, Oakland Hills House.

Springbreak week was solid for catching up with friends, and going for long runs.

Waiting for film back from shooting with Wendy.

- DM 3.29.14


Wendy Ch, Fall ’13.

Meet up next week for Spring break.

Vibes last fall.

- DM 3.19.14

Downtown Candid

San Francisco afternoon.

- DM 3.11.14

Selection details.

Birthday weekend was stellar.

Shot a few candids last night.

- DM 3.9.14

Turquoise marble bldg

Spaces 14, 2014.

- DM 3.8.14


Secondaries 14.

Spring semester.

-DM 2.19.14